As most of our patrons know, we have been open to the public for the past several weeks now, and it has been great to welcome our patrons inside the building once more.

Please be advised, however, that there are still some limitations and likely will be for some time. We ask that our patrons be understanding of some of the new demands placed upon us.

We do have to limit the number of people in the building at any one time. So far this has not been too much of a problem. We do allow for up to 15 patrons in the upstairs section of the building at any one time. Masks must be worn. Recent studies indicate that bandanas and face shields do not provide adequate protection, so we do require actual face masks.

To accommodate all of our public, patrons are required limit their visits to no more than 45 minutes. This policy also diminishes the risk of contagion since duration of exposure has been shown to be a key factor in contracting COVID-19.

Our patrons are encouraged to sign in on our visitors’ log. In the event that tracing of our visitors became necessary, having a record of who was in the building on a given date would facilitate tracing.

Appointments are necessary for computer use. Appointments are made from the top of the hour and are for a 45 minute period from that starting point. Sessions cannot be renewed.

The Children’s Room, is accessible by appointment and visits are limited to 45 minutes. Masks are required for ages 2 and up.

We value your patronage and are delighted to be able to serve our patrons face-to-face again.

For patrons who do not feel comfortable coming in to the building at this time, however, the curbside service option will continue for the foreseeable future. Call us at 229-7791 to learn more about this option.